Guilt-free Chocolate Pudding

After dinner, my sweet tooth will sneak in like a little toddler trying up to no good. Luckily, I found a way to satisfy my cravings without the guilt. Not only do I make this after dinner when I need something sweet, but during the day as well after a workout or in the mid afternoon lull when you find yourself nodding off for no reason. It's quick, no mess or clean up and tastes delicious!! I use NLA for HER Whey Protein in Chocolate Eclair which is DELICIOUS!! I have used this for some time now after my workouts and feel it really gets the job done  with speedier muscle recovery, not to mention all the vitamins and minerals in it as well. PLUS, it's gluten free and SUGAR FREE!


- 1 scoop chocolate whey protein (or your protein of choice) - 6-8oz Plain Greek yogurt (I use Fage. But always use Greek yogurt as it has more protein than regular. ) - 1-2 tsp of water - 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds - 1/2 banana sliced (or blueberries depending on preference!) Mix the whey protein and yogurt together in a bowl and add water as needed for smoother consistency. Add the chia seeds and sliced  banana. I sometimes add shredded coconut or cacao chips for added sweetness! Mix and enjoy! I have even made this and placed it in the fridge for a couple hours to enjoy post workout, and it thickens and tastes even better!    

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