If Guys Acted like Girls on Instagram

Now I love instagram as much as the next girl....welllll if I am really honest I LOVE LOVE instagram probably more than most people. I try to avoid posting too many "selfie" style pics, but sometimes a girl just can't resist. So when I saw this HILARIOUS blog post on http://wittyandpretty.com/ about what it would look like if guys posted like girls do I nearly peed myself laughing - sure puts some things in perspective!   Not enough perspective to stop instragraming though of course - are you crazy!?  
1. The cozy coffee shot. It only took 4937492874 attempts to get the perfect candid photo, and if you don’t have a Starbucks holiday cup, you’re doing it wrong. That #BlanketScarf tho… travis 1travis 2@travismmay - 2. The unrelated sexy selfie. “Super sale at Kohl’s!” “Get out there and vote!” “I’m on an airplane!” What does any of that have to do with a close-up of your come-hither face? It doesn’t. You’re a narcissist. IMG_8066@aaronchewning - 3. The aerial coffee in bed shot. A chick blogger staple. But like, WHOSE ASS IS IN YOUR FACE TAKING THIS? IMG_8068@MattHess87 - 4. #Blessed hot dog legs. Because nothing says “relaxation” like your upper thigh meat. IMG_8009@danielweiner - 5. The Marilyn Monroe. Enough said. (Even better when you botch the quote.) mop 1mop 2@mayorofponce6. The fashion blogger PicStitch. Because one pose and one photo of your outfit is NEVER ENOUGH. Extra points for an introspective quote. IMG_8067 Also, doing physical activities in unpractical ensembles (plus coffee always). thad - 7. THE CUPCAKE. Extra points if it’s Sprinkles (OMGGGG), a seasonal flavor, and you’re on a park bench. Also known as the @YouDidNotEatThat. IMG_8010@tappdaddy - 8. Sneaky dog selfie. Yes you may be taking a photo of your “fur baby” (gag) but it’s still a selfie, SORRY. Even worse if you’re pretending to be asleep yet still taking a photo of yourself (why?). IMG_8020@neallovesyou - 9. Outfit of the day (#OOTD) mirror selfie. The more descriptive the better because we really care. via 1via 2@nickvia - 10. Gym selfie reflection. Again, one photo of you sticking out your ass and sucking in your stomach until you nearly pass out is never enough. Plus, you’re artsy. tribble 1tribble 2@tribblereese - 11. The eat clean/green smoothie selfie. You have to show the world you’re doing a body good whilst also showing us how attractive you are. Extra points for Lululemon (thumb holes OMG), tree Emoji, and 8,000 hashtags. IMG_8069@robertbolen - 12. The BFF birthday PicStitch. If you don’t do a collage of flattering photos for your bestie’s birthday, you’re a terrible friend. IMG_8013 - 13. The “Look at my ass while I pretend to refer to something else” sneak. You’re not fooling anyone, skanks. IMG_8017@eddie_van_halen - 14. The beach “office” humblebrag. You’re the worst. IMG_8012@stevenqpunishment - 15. The skinny arm pose and/or sorority squat. If you combine the two with duck face and IDGAF expressions, you win Instagram. girl pose 1girl pose 2 - 16. Baby belly mirror selfie. If you don’t do this in the third trimester, you’re an unfit mother. darren
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