Guys Confess: 5 Reasons Why They Love Your Boobs

So it's a no brainer that guys love boobs. Boobs have been occupying a lot of space in their minds since middle school. It is a primal attraction that dates back to..well...the beginning of time. Here are what guys say makes your tatas so tantalizing: boob 1) They're hypnotizing. Guys will answer to the siren calls of cleavage. Whether they're wet from the showing or bouncing as you do your cardio routine, they are posing a huge distraction. 2) They look great at any angle. Never be boob conscious, guys love looking at your shape from any angle. Lying down, bending over, upside down? It doesn't matter, he thinks you look perfect. 3) They feel amazing. Men really love the feel. As women we rarely take the time to appreciate our bodies, but guys can't get enough...appreciating. 4) It doesn't matter about size. Despite how we feel about your boob size, dudes really dig our shape no matter the letter on the cup. The idea that having double D's makes you hotter is a popular misconception. From A to Double G, guys like us all. 5) They look good in anything. You could literally wear a potato sack out to dinner and your guy wouldn't care as long as you showed off a little cleave. Basically, guys are simple to please. They love your body and you for what they are, not what you feel you have to portray. Here are 10 ridiculous alternative words for boobs: Double Lattes Lung Protectors Tannin' Cannons Jogging Partners Traffic Stoppers Rutabagas  Humpty Dumplings Bouncing Buddhas  Super Big Gulps Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Tell us why you love your boobs, big or small!    

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