What Guys Really Think Of Intimacy On The First Date

There is still a double standard for men and women when it comes to intimacy. Men who just go out with a woman and manage to get into bed with her are still seen as alphas among their friends, but when women do the same it raises a few eyebrows (among girls and guys alike). But what do men really think of a girl who's willing to go all the way on their date?

The thoughts going through a guy's mind, apart from the obvious "OMG I am getting some. She is naked and I am getting some right now.", are that for one: fornication doesn't define someone's character.  If you have passion for someone instantly, it may be a good thing. It means you have enough chemistry when your first met to want to sleep with them, which can be rare on first dates.

Also, someone who waits an arbitrary amount of time to sleep with a guy (2 weeks, a month and a half) because of morals/past experiences/trust issues/fear of judgement isn't better than somehow who gets busy right away. The person waiting is not a saint, and the person putting out is not a sinner. Guys will typically have the same respect level for you that they would if you waited a day or a year. (Well, a year might be pushing it)

The bottom line is, if the moment's right and the connection is strong, early intimacy is totally fine. It's a function of human nature and doesn't make us bad people. As long as it's something you feel good about, than by all means go for it!

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