Guys Reveal: The 5 Sex Scenarios They Always Share With Their Friends

Ever wonder if guys talk to their friends about sex the way girls do? Or if you ever have a really hot, really awkward or uber embarrassing sex sesh with a dude, will he tell his buddies about it? Well, guys fess up to what they open up about with their bros, and you'll definitely want to know about #4! #1 Sex. In General.  Guys just like to share the fact that they are indeed sexually active, and, regardless of the partner, have had sex. Sex will always be as big of deal as it was in the ninth grade. #2 Celebs who would be on their "list".  Everyone, guy or girl, has a list of celebrities they would sleep with given the chance. (I'm still waiting for my chance with Chris Evans). Guys like to go on about their list, whether it's actual real life people or fictional characters... #3 Weird porn.  Weird porn is more interesting a topic than the same clips they've, um, enjoyed over and over. So weird porn becomes a point of interest. I'm talking, a woman wearing a horse mask getting it from a dude in a cape to classical music. Weird... #4 Sexting.  Getting a sext is a super big deal for guys. Especially if it contains pics. While they may not show their bros your topless snap (although they usually do), they will definitely reveal that they are getting sexy texts from a good looking girl. #5 Little sex mishaps.  It will never be anything major, and the purpose of them bringing it up is just to notify their friends that they recently had sex. Maybe something funny or slightly awkward happened while they were getting it on, but the bottom line is that they had sex. What do you always talk to your friends about when it comes to sex?

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