Guys Who Squat: Check Out These 12 Perfect Butts!

So Justin Bieber recently made waves when he posted a snap of his derriere for all of Instagram to see! But Bieber's buns aren't the only hot results of some serious squat action. We've pulled together 12 ass-tastic shots of dudes who've really been hitting the gym and it shows! Here is some eye candy to get you through hump day! You're welcome. #1 Check Out This Peepshow sexy butt #2 Are You Wearing Space Pants? ass hot sexy #3 Just Taking Your Undies Off There? Ok, Carry On. naked guy #4 His Muscles Are Amazing But It's All About The Butt fit guy naked #5 Skinny Dipping, Anyone? fit guy body #6 Two Full Moons! fitness #7 He Definitely Deadlifts. Damn. sculpted body #8 Could Someone Tell Me Where These Beaches Are? guy beach hot #9 The Squat Squad! squat benefits #10 Tight Trunk Alert summer body #11 We're All Hoping He's Majestically Thinking About Us hot guy briefs #12 And Now The Man Who Started It All! We Present The Infamous Bieber Buns! justin bieber naked Ah the beauty of squats. Which one of these ripped dudes is your favourite? Let us know!        

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