"GYM Free"- #30daychallenge DAY 1

Woke up this morning and was so happy to see my workout waiting for me. Big apology to those of you who have yet to recieve it. Please be patient; things happen and they are working very hard to get everything going. The GOOD news is that means that there are a TON of you ready to work and sweat with us :)


I did not eat as much as I should have. I spent my day working on my car and replacing my radiator. This should have been a smooth process but I had to buy a new part and..they ordered me the wrong one. Long story short- I barely ate and still have to bleed my radiator today. :) Yay for us gear heads


I woke up and the first thing I did (after the ladies room) was drink a 12 oz glass of water with 1/2 a lemon. Gets things moving and rehydrates you, especially important if you workout in the morning. Also turned straight to the Shakira station on Pandora. Yes I love my latin roots and could shake my RUMP all day !

Pre-Workout Meal:

I DID NOT eat before my workout because I don't do well on a full stomach. Workout Feelings/ Thoughts: Overall I thought it was a great workout and the "rest" made it more challenging. It's ok if you had to drop out of plank a couple times. You will eventually get stronger I promise.


I felt that the first exercise was the most difficult because of the sequence. I just pep talked myself through it until it was second nature. Suggestions: Take it slow and work through the movements in proper form. This is not a race! Your better of using controlled movements that activate more MUSCLES than just rushing through the motions.

Post-Workout Meal (from the Catching Fire Nutrition Guide):

2 Mini dairy-free Quiches, more lemon water and 1/3 cup of Plain Oatmeal with cinnamon. -I used almond milk in these guys and made enough for the week :) @itzbritneyg Hope you enjoy it guys! And remember to thank everyone at bodyrock/thedaily hiit for there HARD work and dedication to US! Much Love, Britney G

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