"gym free" Day 4-Don't let the weekend ruin your hard work

Day 4 is a great one and body-weight too!! I love body weight exercises they are still challenging but push you to keep that hear rate going. How are you guys feeling thus far? I'm sure you are wondering what you have got yourself into and that is perfectly NORMAL! I was running late to work this morning ugh BUT I saw my workout and got it out of the way. I knew that I was going to a grand opening party with my son tonight and the likelihood that I would do it when I got home was 0-none. This was a great workout that kept my heart pumping but I should have added my sandbag to make it more challenging. Nonetheless great job everyone. Its the weekend and this is where you can easily slip up on your die and or/ exercise. Most people enjoy drinking on the weekends too. I personally have nothing against this but I also DO NOT make it a weekly habit. I may very well enjoy a glass of wine tonight BUT I don't feel obligated just because the week is up. I think reflecting on your week is a great way to keep yourself on track and making another weekly goal is also helpful! What did you like so far? What did you find challenging? Write it down so you can look back and see how far you come at the end of this challenge. I still do this every WEEK! It never stops. If you did "mess" up this weekend, forget about it! Move on and get right back on track tomorrow! Don't let one bad decision allow you to give up altogether Post-Workout I enjoyed the overnight Oat recipe from the Catching Fire nutrition guide. MMM MM MMM it was delicious. I used a Pumpkin Spice protein and added a dash of cinnamon. Bentley and I had a wonderful time at a Grand Opening party, listened to music, danced and I had a few glasses of champagne. 20140118_205748 20140118_212707

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