Hair Loss; The Bald Faced Truth

Hair Loss Fact: About 50% of men start balding before the age of 30. The good news is you don’t have to passively accept the loss of your locks. It’s your body and you can choose how you react to the hair loss. Wearing a hat 24 hours a day may seem like a good idea, but it’s really just a short term solution to an inevitable conclusion. Try one of these strategies instead: 1) Prevention: Studies show dandruff may be a key culprit in expediting hair loss. Your body’s efforts to battle the yeast that causes dandruff could be making you lose hair faster. Fight back by rotating between three different anti-dandruff shampoos to prevent the yeast from developing a resistance. Research suggests Dove Men + Care Anti Dandruff, Selsen Blue Dandruff Shampoo and Denorex Therapeutic. 2) Take Arms: Fight the good fight with Rogaine. Yes, Rogaine, NOT Propecia. Propecia alters testosterone production and has a list of rare, but disturbing side effects including erectile dysfunction, depression and reduced sex drive. No fun. You want to prevent hair loss, not other things... 3) Embrace the Baldness: Jason Statham doesn’t have women drooling for no reason. The guy’s got an uber tough appeal. Oh yeah, and he’s balding. There’s nothing wrong with going bald. It’s actually completely natural – and thankfully, much of the negative stigma surrounding hair loss has evaporated. Thank God. The world couldn’t take much more of the comb-over.

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