Hairstyles: The Art of the Side Ponytail

Mastering any and all hairstyles are tough, today we'll try to help you conquer the side pony tail. The side ponytail isn't just for six year olds. The hairstyle is back and popular than ever. Celebrities and runways are riddled with beauties sporting this fun and sexy hairstyle. Best of all, the side pony is super easy, fast and versatile, one of the laid back hairstyles that still make you look great. From the gym to work to date night, a few twists on a classic look will secure you in the ranks of the style elite. Here are a few variations of unique side pony hairstyles:

The Basic Side:

While we don’t always endorse being as,er....laid back as Lindsay Lohan, she does have a knack for mastering some of the more basic styles.

The Side Curl:

Carrie rocks a simple twist on a classic. All you need is a few loose curls and you’ve added a bit of elegance and polish to your look.

The Side Braid:

If you can braid you can nail down this chic alternative like Zoe. Perfect for the gym or a night out with friends.

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