Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout Challenge

I’ve worked on a few cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, and now is the time for me to see the fruits of my labour (or more accurately, cringe through it with my overly supportive family). Might as well work off some holiday indulgences while I do – ‘tis the season for a good ol’ workout challenge: If the main character is a single mom or dad = 10 squats Any kiss = 10 buttkickers --> double if it’s because of mistletoe hallmarkmistletoe-over-manhattan   Anytime someone says “Merry Christmas” = 10 tuck jumps Anytime it starts to snow = 10 diamond push-ups --> double if the characters comment on it For any Christmas tree you see = 10 Russian twists --> (fun side note, if you watch The 12 Trees of Christmas, I helped build and decorate those trees! Plus, you’ll have a lot of Russian twists to do) hallmarkthe-twelve-trees-of-christmas.83 Anytime an ex shows up = 10 sumo squat Any magical goings-on = 10 tricep dips Whenever Santa is seen or mentioned = 10 jumping jacks hallmark santa For any really obvious plot twist = 30 second plank When any dog or child that’s a main character is introduced = 10 calf raises hallmarkchristmas-magic Any red-head = 10 bicycle crunches Whenever someone finds the true meaning of Christmas = 10 burpees For any jerk boyfriend/girlfriend who’s obviously going to be broken up with by the end of the film = 10 jack-knife sit ups Whenever you notice it’s obviously not New York or wherever it is the movie is supposed to take place = 10 mountain climbers Grand romantic gesture = 10 supermans   Bonus move = jog in place during the commercial breaks

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