Hangover Hacks: 13 Scientific Cures That Actually Work

Unlike the ancient Romans who believed eating dried canary meat was the answer, we promise these hacks don't include any bizarre concoctions. Prevent The Headache: 1) Lighten Up Dark drinks like red wine and rum have a higher concentration of fermenting agents than lighter options. These agents could cause a mightier hangover. 2) Bypass The Bubbles Don't drink carbonated beverages like a rum and coke or champagne which cause alcohol to absorb more quickly into your bloodstream. 3) Get Outside Having a few patio drinks or brews at the barbecue might be better than drinking inside. Oxygen slows down the impact of alcohol and helps filter out hangover-inducing toxins from getting into your system. 4) Be The D.D. The best way to prevent a hefty hangover is to not drink in the first place. You can still have a great night with your friends and make sure they get home safely. 5) Pay The Price Higher-end liquors are better quality, and will give you a great buzz with less fermenting agents or "hangover culprits". 6) Eat Up! Fill up on a good dinner before hitting the bar so you will feel less sick and regretful the next day. 7) H2O It Drink a glass of water for every beer or glass of wine you down. This will keep you hydrated and keep the toxins flushing out of your system. Next-Day Cures:  1) Blood Sugar Boost Eat a healthy, carb-rich breakfast to sustain your blood sugar level. Throw in lots of fruit to make sure you're on your game and not feeling like a zombie. 2) The Multivitamin Miracle Booze leaves your body wiped of nutrients, so refuel with a multivitamin. 3) The Yogi Master Scientists have actually proven that yoga can get your blood flowing and your brain oxygenated, hence relieving hangover symptoms. 4) Fill Up On Eggs Eggs go to the rescue to save your liver and revitalize your body. 5) Ginger Tea Cure Last night's festivities have you nauseous and stuck in the bathroom? Ginger can work fast to calm your tummy. 6) Pack In Potassium If you wake up dehydrated and de-energized, eat a banana or spinach to harness potassium power! We want you do share your hangover cures with us! Source: Greatist      

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