What Happens To Your Body When You Make The Switch To Organic Food (Video)

It is no secret that an organic diet is an ideal diet but sometimes, there are obstacles in the way. Availability and price being chief among them. Food prices are on the rise and our salaries aren't increasing to match so it isn't a shock that most people grab the cheaper, non organic, food items. The downside is that conventional foods are grown in pesticides and while we know that they are destroying the environment, we still have relative little understanding of how these pesticides impact our bodies. We're sure it shocks no one to discover that having pesticides in your bloodstream is less than ideal. Swedish supermarket chain, COOP, conducted an experiment in which they replaced the conventional foods for one family with organics for a two week period. The Swedish Environmental Research Institute monitored the level of pesticides in their bodies before and after. Have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/oB6fUqmyKC8 It didn't take long for the bodies to rid themselves of the pesticides! Shocking, really. Another study from RMIT University backs this up by showing that adults who switched to organic for even just one week rid themselves of 90% of the pesticides in their bloodstreams. Sure, conventional produce may be more cost effective at the cash register but cost to your health may not be worth it. Look at it this way, if you are eating conventional blueberries for the antioxidants and nutrients they contain, some of those super fighters may be combating the pesticides, preparing your body to combat the pesticides, repairing the damage from pesticides or the pesticides may be messing with your ability to absorb the nutrients in the first place. The science isn't clear on how this works but what is clear, pesticides have no place in our bodies. The more organic food you are able to buy, the more you may be saving your health. If you can't afford to make all organic choices, make as many as possible. Every little but counts. Do you eat organic? How do you make it fit your budget?

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