What Happens When Neil Patrick Harris Has a Margarita Contest (With Himself))

Neil Patrick Harris is the King of Cool.  He's made the entire female race fall in love with him, but he's gay so more men have a chance.  Nothing like a little courtesy right?! 84f6af75968223f4978b274ce5f05df6   But I digress.  Neil Patrick Harris and his family took time off after the New Year for a little jaunt down to Mexico.  And wouldn't you know that he's more like the rest of the normal world than we knew.  What do American tourists do when they go to Mexico?  Drink margaritas of course.  Whether or not you agree with binge drinking or not...you've got to admit...celebrities are only human.  Not robots.  They're normal and they want to have a good time...and they may anger their significant other in the process. ku-xlarge   He definitely isn't standing at the end of this. 068868-edaeea14-77da-11e3-ae56-4ce697eaa265   Classy... "Magachita #3, 4 mebbe? : Bruuuglah dret scruh nuu rezzlooshun! Nigh nigh nowh. #annndblackout" neil-patrick-harris It was all a joke and to be honest...pretty hilarious.  And the best part? He's not afraid to be silly and make fun of himself in the process. No secretly posing for paparazzi to make sure they get his best angle...he's just having fun! But then...that's NPH.  The guy who goes all out with his family for Halloween every year. neil-patrick-harris-family-halloween-photo-alice-in-wonderland neil-patrick-harris-halloween There is something so incredibly heartwarming about him just being HIM. He clearly adores his family, isn't afraid to let loose and just be himself! And to top it all off? He's ridiculously talented. This man deserves his margarita  

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