What Happens When Women of All Shapes and Sizes Recreate A Victoria Secret Shoot

We've all wished, at one time or another, that as we walk down the beach in our new swimsuit that we look every bit the Victoria Secret Angel that modelled it. But unfortunately, real-life Photoshop doesn't exist and while we are beautiful, it is nearly impossible to get ourselves Candice Swanepoel perfect. These 6 women took to the beaches of Malibu (on a seemingly cloudy afternoon) to recreate a sexy Victoria Secret-inspired photoshoot, wearing the same suits worn by the models. Each women has a different body type, and different needs when it comes to coverage. The gorgeous ladies wanted to reveal the truth about what beach bodies really look like, imperfections and all. [caption id="attachment_96026" align="aligncenter" width="700"]bikini shoot Candice Swanepoel                                                                               Allison[/caption] "Everyone has cellulite, stretch marks, and pudge." says Allison, pictured in the identical one-piece as VS blonde Candice Swanepoel. "A photograph is so misleading because it’s just capturing a millisecond. Everything is flexed or tucked (or photoshopped), so it’s not real." [caption id="attachment_96030" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Behati Prinsloo Sheridan Behati Prinsloo                                                                                     Sheridan[/caption] "I used to see photos of these girls and hope that one day I could look like that." says Sheridan, opposite Behati Prinsloo. "Especially the ones that were always like, 'Oh, I like to do light stretching for working out, I love burgers.'" Sheridan admits that recapturing the photo was less than comfortable. "This position hurt so much I can’t even explain. The hard sand, the pressure on my knees, the awkward inner thigh grab with a back ankle grasp. I was so over this." [caption id="attachment_96031" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Candice Swanepoel Nina Candice Swanepoel                                                                               Nina[/caption] "I wish I could see someone like me in a magazine, but I’m still waiting." says Nina, side by side with Candice. "I have fairly large boobs and it’s really hard to find a suit that lets me move around and NOT flash people. I assumed these models just got made up, put on the swimsuit, struck a pose and got the shot. Easy. But it wasn’t easy." What do you think of these ladies? Would you like to see a more diverse array of models in magazines? Should something like swimsuits be modelled by women of all shapes and sizes? Share your thoughts with us!

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