Happiness is Not Answering Your Phone

We are all guilty of it...pulling out your phone to constantly check to see whether there's a new text, email, or phone call. While others might think that you have a busy social life filled with lots of friends, but according to a new study those who can resist a ring or a text alert are more happy than those who can't.  Constant phone users also suffer from higher anxiety and those in school see their class work suffer as well. article-2520475-0B6BA724000005DC-963_638x446 The study by Kent University in Oho was related to greater stress with some students saying that social media feels like another obligation and having a phone means that they are always able to be contacted.  Researchers studying 500 students found that phones only increased anxiety and many of the students feeling as though they were obligated to keep in constant touch.  Many of the students had trouble disconnecting from sites like Facebook. The study by scientists Jacob Barkley, Aryn Karpinski and Andrew Lepp is in stark contrast to previous research that found mobile phones improve social interaction and help reduce feelings of isolation.  Previous research has claimed that mobile phones improve social interaction and help reduce feelings of isolation. Researcher Andrew Lepp added:
‘There is no me time or solitude left in some of these students’ lives and I think mental health requires a bit of personal alone time to reflect, look inward, process life's events, and just recover from daily stressors.'  Those taking part, aged from 18 to 22, allowed the study team to access their GPA or exam results from university records.  'Also, a few of the students we interviewed reported sending texts constantly throughout the day from morning to night that in itself might be stressful.'
Though this study doesn't include research of dating couples, recent trends have shown that constant phone use also has a detrimental effect on relationships both romantic and platonic.  It's a worrying trend when the ability to un-plug is almost lost to an entire generation.  

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