Well, the legs are like jelly as I write this blog. Just finished the below workout which was pretty killer on the legs and glutes!

I like to mix up doing all over workouts that use all major muscle groups with some really targeted workouts on a particular area. This workout focuses on the lower body and you can't help but use your core as well to keep good form in the squats and lunges. I got through 4 rounds and set my timer for 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Give it a go and let me know how you went. I've uploaded a video below for you all to view - sorry for the darkness of the video! Note to self - must do workouts when its daylight for better light in videos! http://youtu.be/2CwTaW1TF7k Exercise 1 Weighted squat with side leg left - Right leg Exercise 2 Glute lift with leg lift - x10 right side followed by x10 left side Exercise 3 Weighted squat with side leg left - Left leg Exercise 4 Push Up with knee to opposite side L then R, Exercise 5 Lunge back with front kick and arm lift. Start with right leg lunging back and left arm holding dumbbell. Exercise 6 Repeat exercise 5 on other side

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