Hard & Tight Rep Challenge - Day 4 Week Two of The 30 Day Challenge

Hi Bodyrockers, We are back home and today's post will be the last one from our trip to the Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean. That means that you can meet us back in the living room tomorrow to close off the week. We enjoyed working out with you guys on the beach and in the sun, but we are also really looking forward to gearing up our training and pushing to the next level with you. Lisa will be bringing you a brand new workout and for the first time we will be breaking down the routine into 3 levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each level will have it's own video, and the exercises will be tailored to that specific fitness level. We are taking the time to do this so that everyone - from first time beginners who have not exercised in ages, to BodyRockers who have progressed and improved their strength and agility all the way up to the most advanced BodyRockers who are looking for a seriously tough burn - have the best possible workouts specifically for them. It will be easier to follow, and targeted to your needs - just like your training should be :) We will still be following the 30 day schedule that you can find here, we are just tweaking our approach to make sure no BodyRockers are left behind. We all have to start somewhere, and now everyone who wants to be part of our community will have a starting point that is right for them :) If you have any questions or need any help getting started with us Lisa and Sean are happy to help. You can get in touch with them on their Facebook pages here: Lisa's page, Sean's page. Both Lisa and Sean love hearing from you guys and the motivation and support is defiantly a two-way street :) Take the time to connect with them - it brings us all closer together. Today's Workout:
Here is today’s workout and modifications: 1-Tuck Jump Reverse Lunge - If you don’t have a Pink Sandbag you can do the tuck jump with a backward lunge using your bodyweight. If you can’t do a tuck jump you can get up by placing one foot at a time underneath you. Jump as high as you can touching your hands to your knees. 2-Tricep Push Up -  You can do this exercise standing off of a wall or kneeling in front of your coffee table. Just make sure that you use a stable platform. 3-Reverse Pull Up - If you don't have an Equalizer you can do a weighted upright row, or pull ups. 4-Exploding Upright Row - If you don’t have a sandbag then you can use some kind of alternate weight (get creative) or you can do it with bodyweight only or swap out this exercise for Burpees. This is a pyramid workout.  Your first round you will perform 10 Reps Per Exercise.  When 10 reps per exercise is complete you will do 9 then 8,7,6,5 etc down to the final round of 1 rep per exercise.  For this exercise challenge you will need your SandbagEqualizer and Interval Timer. Your goal is to complete this workout as fast as you can. This months 30 Day Challenge incorporates:
  • Intense Total Body Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.
  • Rep Challenges for Time.
  • Specific Isolated Weighted Program to run alongside the Fitness Component – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength.
  • Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.

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