Hardcore Moves to Shred Your Abs #2: One Arm Evil Wheel

Think you're a bad-ass that has mastered the Ab Roller Wheel? Try this exercise to prove your absolute superiority!

One Arm Evil Wheel

Grab a dumbbell, making sure that it rolls (use the free weight kind, where you can add and remove weight discs). Note: You'll need a dumbbell for this exercise for stability. You're using one hand, so you'll need the support of the double "wheels" of the dumbbell. Stand with your feed spread slightly, bend, and place the dumbbell on the floor immediately in front of your feet. Without bending your knees, roll the dumbbell forward until your arm is extended over your head. Tighten your core to pull the weight back toward you, and lift yourself from the ground until you are back on your feet. maxresdefault Be careful with this one! Not only is it incredibly difficult, but it can be very bad for your shoulder muscles if you dip too low. Serious shoulder injuries are possible, so keep your form tight! 2books_v2_1024x1024

Hard work in the kitchen + Hard work in the gym = Abs!

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Featured Image Source: www.youtube.com
Resources: http://ashotofadrenaline.net/top-25-hardest-ab-exercises-ever-created/

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