Hardcore Moves to Shred Your Abs #3: Around the World

Yet another wicked move with the Ab Roller Wheel, and another one NOT for the faint of heart! This one works your obliques nicely, thanks to the fact that you roll the wheel out to the sides--not just straight out in front of you. If you can make it all the way "around the world", you are one bad-ass HIITer!

Around the World

Kneel on a soft pad (cushioning your knees will make the exercise easier) and hold the Ab Roller Wheel in both hands. Start by rolling out to the right, at a 90-degree angle with your body. Then come in to a 60-degree angle, a 30-degree angle, and then roll out directly in front of you. Go all the way "around" the world to your left, finishing at a right angle on that side. Think you're a real tough guy/gal? Come back around the world and finish off on the right side. Not as easy as it looks! 71RohaV76FL._SL1500_   2books_v2_1024x1024

Hard work in the kitchen + Hard work in the gym = Abs!

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Resources: http://ashotofadrenaline.net/top-25-hardest-ab-exercises-ever-created/

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