Hardcore Moves to Shred Your Abs #6: Human Flag Bicycles

If you thought the Human Flag was hard, you'll LOVE the intensity of this bad boy. Not only are you challenging yourself to get in the Human Flag position, but you're adding the "bicycle" into the mix. parkour-human-flag_h Pumping your feet while in the sitting position is a challenge for most, and only the truly hardcore will be able to do the bicycle while in the Human Flag position.

Human Flag Bicycles

Grip the pole in one of two ways: 1) Palms facing forward (like pull-up position), or 2) Palms facing each other (easier to do it this way). The lower arm should be around waist height, with the upper arm around shoulder height. Lift your outer leg off the floor, tighten your core, and bring the inner leg up to join it. Bend your right knee and bring it to your chest, then repeat with the other leg--a "bicycle" motion. See how it's done here: Impossible? Perhaps not, but as close to impossible as it gets! 2books_v2_1024x1024

Hard work in the kitchen + Hard work in the gym = Abs!

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Featured Image Source: www.outsideonline.com
Resources: http://ashotofadrenaline.net/top-25-hardest-ab-exercises-ever-created/

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