Harry Hudson's Inspirational Instagram

Three months after singer Harry Hudson’s record was released in March 2013, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This would be a hard diagnosis for anyone, but the 20-year old singer took it in stride and remained incredibly positive. harryhudson4 So here’s something that make my tweets about the flu, or instagram pictures of my fruit smoothie look a little unimportant: Harry documented his whole journey through diagnosis, chemotherapy, and surgery via social media. harryhudsontwitter1 harryhudsontwitter2 harryhudsontwitter3 harryhudsontwitter4 I am amazed. I feel like people can often hide behind social media these days; only tweeting those things about their lives that make their situation seem better than it is. This guy, he shared it all. He shared the ups and downs, (mostly downs) of his fight with cancer, but with such a positive attitude and a truly endearing sense of humour. harryhudson5 PLUS, happy ending: he beat it! Harry Hudson managed to make it out on top with a successful surgery. As Harry himself tweeted, “Love > Cancer”

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