To all the haters out there...

Since we started posting stories and images of our inspirational BodyRockers, we've been receiving constant criticism of women being "too thin", "no longer feminine", or being flat out called "unattractive" & "anorexic". We post these in hopes of inspiring others on their journey to being FIT and HEALTHY. It is NOT easy for someone to put themselves out there and be strong enough to share their story of struggle and progress. It is not easy for them to post these pictures.

These are not celebrities that are so far removed from the words flying around about them that they'll probably never see them.

These are your fellow BodyRockers.

Right here in this community.

The chances are incredibly high that they will read every word written about them.

Lisa has a disclaimer right at the top of her album
" It take's a lot of courage to post these before & afters - So please keep the comments ONLY positive - some people aren't like me & haven't become immune to the haters that fly around the web - and I have had some really sad emails from a few people at the comments made so far - you may not like it, they may have different bodies types to you - but it's there achievement & they are proud of it - just say well done or nothing at all ok ? - they are all amazing just for getting through 30 days !! & those who post them - if anyone even dares say anything negative tell them to f*ck O*f - you earn't every second of it :) & I friggin love ya xoxox"
Everyone, men and women alike, have different body shapes and types. Just because they may be different from yours or what you deem desirable, does not make them better or worse. We are not looking for comparisons - we are looking to motivate those who NEED it. But we are also trying to congratulate those who have achieved fantastic success. It is not easy to make physical and mental transformations, and all those who put in the effort deserve to be applauded. If you have no desire in congratulating them, we ask you to say nothing. Every time we comment back saying negativity is not welcome, we're met with responses like "oh this is a public forum....our opinions should be allowed". But if the shoe were on the other foot and your picture was the one being torn apart, you'd be wanting us to defend you in the same manner. If your picture was being called "unattractive" and your progress was being belittled, how would you feel then? I urge you, we all urge you, to think before you comment. What if what you're about to say was said to you? We want to motive ALL our BodyRockers out there; from those looking to lose large amounts of weight, to those looking to tone up. ALL progress is to be rewarded, regardless of your starting point or desired goal. Please respect that. Please comment with the other person's feelings in mind. And if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. To all our BodyRockers that have submitted their stories and experienced this hate; don't let it bring you down. Not only are you incredibly brave for sharing your stories and pictures with us, all of your hard work and dedication is 100% worth it and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of you!

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