Have You Been Doing Breakfast All Wrong?

By now we all understand that breakfast is an incredibly important meal. It is a stellar way to make sure you have the energy you need to tackle your day. But the thing is, the vast majority of us are eating all the wrong things in the morning! The carb heavy breakfasts of toast, muffins, pastries and cereals are not doing us any favours! What we should be doing is piling our plates high with protein! Frida Harju, in-house nutritionist at health app Lifesum, says, "breakfast is one of the most vital meals, as it kicks start the day. Having a healthy breakfast helps you speed up your metabolism and blood stream. Remember, it is better for your body and organs to split up the meals and intake instead of having a big lunch and skip breakfast." Harju makes it clear that you should avoid processed foods. Not only because of the things that have been added to them, but because of the things that have been taken away. Processed foods are often missing important antioxidants and fibre. She says, "you should also try to keep away from foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients – these foods have no positive effect on health and can easily be replaced with something that has. Instead you should try to find foods that are rich in essential nutrients. This could either be nutrients that build up and support your immune system, nutrients that make your cells stronger or nutrients that help with specific functions of your body." Here are a few breakfast ideas suggested by Harju: Plain Greek yoghurt with chopped nuts yogurtgreel This breakfast contains a good mix of healthy fats, proteins and fibre. It will also go a long way toward helping you stay full until lunch. Mushroom and tomato omelette omelette The fibre found in the mushroom and the protein in the egg work together to keep your blood sugar stable. The tomato contains lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps you stay healthy. Now that you have a better idea of what you should be eating, here are some popular things you should avoid: Bagel with cream cheese bagel Bagels are full of empty calories. The refined grains found in bagels act in your body just like sugar. While there are whole grain varieties available, it is wise to avoid the staple completely. The grain and cheese option make over-indulging incredibly easy. Fruit juices juice1 Who doesn't like a nice glass of orange juice in the morning? The thing to remember here is that store bought juices often contain added sugars. And guess what, sugar in liquid form is ridiculously easy to over consume. Fresh squeezed juice contains more nutrients but it will not keep you full until lunch. Grab a piece of fruit instead. You will get the nutritional benefit of the juice and ALL of the fibre in the fruit. For more ideas on what you should eat and what you should avoid, head here. Have you been doing breakfast wrong? What are your go-to meals? Let us know!

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