Have You Been Doing Your Eye Makeup Completely Wrong?

If you're like me, doing anything more complex than eyeliner and mascara might totally intimidate you. Thankfully, these beauty basics may not even be properly practiced by beauty buffs! We have outlined a complete guide for novices and experts alike to show just how and where you need to put each eye product to make a beautifully done-up eye. guide to eye makeup Pop Those Brows  To make your brows wow, open up your eye area and add matte or shimmery shadow under your brow. Liven Your Lids  Your main eyeshadow shade goes on your lid, along with a swoop of eyeliner if you wish. Creative Creases  Between the brow bone and eyelid is the crease area where a darker shade of eye shadow needs to be placed. This adds dimension to your overall eye look. Outer V Drama The outermost corner of your eye is where you can apply dark eyeshadow in a "v" formation. You can also pop a little bit of eyeliner here. [bctt tweet="Have You Been Doing Your Eye Makeup Completely Wrong?"] Define The Upper Lashline This is the location where your eyelashes begin, so apply a hint of eyeliner here to make your eyes look bigger and bolder. Smoke That Waterline The inner rim of your eye is called the waterline. You can make your eyes looks wider by applying a pale nude liner or dramatic dark liner. Define The Lower Lashline  Your lower lashline lurks just under your waterline. Placing shadow here will help to define it without giving you a 'racoon' eye look. Tear Duct Tricks  Right in the inner corner of the eye, try adding shimmery shadow or a pale nude to open up and brighten your look. Share your beauty tips and tricks with us! Source: Cosmopolitan

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