Health Alert: 20 Names MSG Goes Undercover By

In today's society, it can be hard to determine what makes a healthy meal and what doesn't. Every day we're told about something new that we should steer clear of, and it leaves us up in arms about whether or not to take the news seriously! But MSG has been an issue in our food for quite sometime, and even when we think we're avoiding it, we may not be. Manufacturers secret potion in causing consumers to go back for more, monosodium glutamate's flavor enhancing qualities ensure weight gain, and even obesity. In fact, scientists in Spain found that providing laboratory rats with MSG increased their food intake by 40 percent! msg Even scarier, this secret ingredient can cause a plethora of health issues since it can overexcite your cells by crossing the blood-brain barrier, potentially triggering or worsening learning disabilities like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease, and more. So, I'm sure you're turning over your box of whole wheat crackers right now to look for the letters "MSG" in the list of ingredients, but rest assured there are plenty of other names manufacturers put in its place to keep you from putting their products back on the shelf. Here is a list to look out for: • Autolyzed yeast • Autolyzed yeast protein • Calcium glutamate • Carrageenan • Glutamate • Glutamic acid • Hydrolyzed corn • Ingredients listed as hydrolyzed, protein fortified, ultra-pasteurized, fermented, or enzyme modified • Magnesium glutamate • Monoammonium glutamate • Monopotassium glutamate • Natural flavors (ask manufacturers their sources, to be safe) • Pectin • Sodium caseinate • Soy isolate • Soy sauce • Textured protein • Vegetable extract • Yeast extract • Yeast food What names not on this list can you recommend people to keep away from that are ridden with MSG? Source: Prevention Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code

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