Health and Fitness Fast Facts

Check out these interesting health and fitness fast facts that you've probably never heard of:


Ever laugh so hard your stomach hurts? Researchers have discovered that laughing out loud intensely for 60 minutes burns more calories than 30 minutes of weightlifting. Not only does it cause your heart rate to increase and send more blood throughout the body, it also delivers a killer ab workout.

Women on Weights

After the age of 30, women lose an average of 0.5% muscle mass every year. The good news is resistance training (even with just bodyweight) can turn back the hands of time. Time to pound out some reps, ladies!

Opposites Attract

The female egg is the biggest cell in the human body and the male sperm is the smallest.

Nice Melons

A sweet and juicy watermelon can act as nature’s little pick me up. Research reveals that the amino acids (called citrulline) in this fruit relax and dilate blood vessels and act much like Viagra and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. Watermelons are also rich in vitamin B6-, which the body utilizes to produce brain chemicals. These chemicals can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

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