Health Benefits of Dill

This innocuous little plant is usually only used to garnish other dishes, but the health benefits of dill set it apart in its own right. Dill has been used for its healing properties or thousands of years and we think it's about time to signal a revival. Dill has antibacterial properties, and has long been used to fight infections both externally and internally. You can also use dill to help improve your digestive function. It has been shown to aid in managing stomach acid levels, which in turn reduces acid reflux as well as bad breath. It can also soothe upset tummies, and is actually commonly used in gripe water for babies to ease digestive distress. Dill has also long been used as a sleep aid. Chewing dill seeds before bed is said to have a calming effect. BONUS: For all these perks, it has minimal calories. In one sprig, there are actually NO calories.

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