Health Benefits of Juicing

What are the health benefits of juicing? If we could rap, we’d break it down for you now - but we can’t, and we won’t, because we respect the industry too much. But juicing IS a major trend, and it does break down many of the healthiest foods, so why not just cook and eat them? Or why not just shove them in our faces raw? What are the major benefits of juicing? The main reason is simplicity - and when given something simple, one should revel in it. Yes, juicing. Cooking, boiling, baking - whatever you do with the food - takes away from its vital nutrients. When you juice, you are getting a hard hit of the best of every ingredient. Yes that is one benefit of juicing, but here's what's in it for you: Let’s say there are vegetables you don’t particularly like, you can add them to your concoction in a relatively innocuous manner. (TRUST US: You cannot taste spinach in the face of strawberries and peach...that’s if you don’t like spinach, which we do!) Juicing is a great way to pack a lot of punch into your diet with minimal fuss, so if you think you’re not getting your fruits and veggies, by GOD, juice it! Now you've got the benefits of juicing, it's time to get started check out our juicing recipes section for some delicious recipes

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