Health Care Workers: 5 Easy Yoga Poses To De-Stress From Your Day

Working in healthcare is far from easy! In fact, it can be one of the most stress inducing, physically demanding, underappreciated fields to work in! Well, at BodyRock, we appreciate you! We want to show you this appreciation by giving you some strength building, relaxation tips! Many health care professionals spend their days lifting and moving people who don't have the strength to move and support themselves. This can really tax the body's foundation: everything from the upper back and shoulders, to the core, and legs! These 5 yoga poses all work to help you build a solid foundation and core. This practice can lead to increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion, making the physical parts of your job easier while relieving any aches and pains you may be experiencing. What's more, these yoga poses are a great tool to help you unwind and relax! When you focus on your breathing, you allow your mind to let go. And when your mind lets go, the tension in your body begins to melt away. Are you ready to start unwinding? Work through this sequence in order and don't forget to do a round of deep breathing at the end. If you prefer you can stay seated for that part! Inhale, exhale, this time is for you! original-nursesinfographic-1 For a complete strength building, de-stressing yoga practice, transport yourself to the sun and sand of the Caribbean with the BodyRock Yoga Bootcamp! Covering everyone from beginner to advanced, this bootcamp is sure to help you find your inner calm!  Take a closer look!

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