Health Food Hacks: Stop Wasting Money And DIY These Foods

Eating healthy can be a bit of a pain on a budget. If 1 bag of kale chips the same as 20 hot dogs, which are you more likely to choose? Well we've discovered 5 sneaky ways to make your own health foods and save a boatload of cash!

#1 Kale Chips

Price At The Store: $7-$10 Price To DIY: $3 They are so easy! Simply take your batch of kale, wash and line up on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

#2 Almond Butter Price At The Store: $10 - $20 Price To DIY: $6 All you need to do is blend 3 cups of almonds in your food processor until smooth. You can add in a little oil to make your butter extra creamy as well.

#3 Healthy Popcorn

Price At The Store: $5 + Price To DIY: $2 + Conventional popping corn is dirt cheap, but organic kernels retail in bulk for a little more. It depends what you're interested in. Buying popcorn kernels and using your own oil and flavourings is easy and a great way to eliminate chemical additives from your diet!

#4 Muesli

Price At The Store: $7 per pound Price To DIY: $5 for two pounds You can buy muesli in bulk and add in anything healthy and delicious you want! Perhaps fresh fruit or your choice of nuts. It will taste better and be more personalized.

#5 Unsweetened Bottled Ice Tea

Price At The Store: $3 + Price To DIY: $.0004 per gallon Buy your favourite tea in bags and make it up yourself, leave to chill in the fridge and put in reusable bottles to take with you anywhere! For other great DIY foods, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Try these health food hacks and share your own with us! Source: Eat Clean    

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