Health Hack: 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism

A fast metabolism means the ability to burn calories quickly. No matter if you inherited your mom's slow-motion metabolic rate, you can do things to supercharge your system! Here are 5 tricks to tricking your body into becoming a calorie burning machine:

1) Ramp up your intensity


Working doesn't mean keeping the same pace the whole time! Next time you run, swim or even just walk - ramp up the intensity of your pace for a 30 second interval. Then dial it back to your normal pace. This will cause your body to consume more oxygen, making your cell powerhouses and the mitochondria work harder at burning calories! This increases your energy and your calorie-burn rate.

2) Eat your Omegas


Omega-3 fatty acids are so essential to your diet. Whether it be fish, fish oil or supplements, Omega-3's help balance your blood sugar and activate your metabolism! These fatty acids can also be found in nutrient rich eggs and flaxseeds.

3) Green Tea


Green tea is full of antioxidant polyphenols that actively amp up your metabolism. Green tea also helps aid in healthy digestion and is beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Try it warm or iced for a cool, super healthy summer drink!

4) Eat the most important meal of the day


Breakfast plays a key role in your overall nutrition. Fill your morning meal with almonds, berries and a spinach and feta omelet. These healthy choices will actually wake up your metabolism and keep your system running smoothly throughout the day!

5) Graze


It's totally okay to snack throughout the day to curb hunger. It has been proven that grazing will keep your metabolism running in a good pace, while regulating your blood sugar levels. Snack on almonds, apples, avocados, Greek yogurt or a smoothie with fruit and soy protein powder.

Try these 5 healthy tips and tell us how you feel after a week!


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