Health Hack: Times When You Should Never Wear a Thong!

Thongs are a go-to when we want to wear those tight black spandex leggings to the gym and be panty-line free. But thongs come with a few unknown health risks if we're not paying attention. So listen up ladies! Here's a lesson in skimpy skivvies 101: Don't Wear Thongs If... 1) You've Worn Your Workout Clothes All Day Spandex and other super tight materials don't provide adequate air circulation. If you're damp from sweating, this can be very dangerous as bacteria can grow rapidly in this sort of environment. If you're hitting the gym and planning to stay in your workout wear afterwards, bring a fresh pair of panties. 2) You're Wearing a Pad Sanitary pads can breed bacteria, especially if changed infrequently. Even if you've bought some specially designed for thong undies (do those really work?), it's safer to stick to full coverage skivvies and a tampon. 3) You're Sick If your immune system is weak, germs can get trapped in your vaginal area and lead to a worse infection. 4) You're Wearing a Short Skirt  Wearing a short skirt and thong combo and heading onto public transit, out to a restaurant or anywhere other people have sat allows bacteria to directly enter your vagina. Plus, if the wind blows your skirt up, that could be particularly embarrassing! Let us know your opinion! Leave a comment below!  

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