My Healthy Christmas Wishlist

Remember when you were a kid and you would flip through the Sears catalogue and pick out everything that you could possibly want. Or you’d play that game with a friend where you would flip to a page and each of you would have to pick only one thing, and say why you chose it? Man, pre-pinterest days. Anywho, here’s my Christmas wishlist, but healthified:
  • A subscription to Mama Earth Organics (fresh, organic, local fruits and veggies delivered to you weekly)
  • Thug Kitchen, Eat Like You Give a F*ck cookbook
  • The kitchn cookbook
  • The Oh She Glows cookbook (I know, I know, how many cookbooks can one girl have)
  • Pretty much any and all of the Fabletics clothes. Friggin Kate Hudson, she’s just too amazing.
  • Yogi surprise subscription – monthly yoga retreat in a box!
  • Gym membership renewal
  • Rocky Mountain Soap sugar plum gift set for my scale-like dry skin (paraben and toxin-free!)
  • BodyRock Hiit bar and weights
  • Yoga Joes! (which to be honest was a Christmas gift to myself – but now I get to wait for them to arrive. I love getting mail. Especially when it’s gifts)
  • A new gym bag (a real one, that isn’t just an old backpack)
  • Kiva giftcard (ok, technically not a health-related one, but like, healthy for my soul?)
PS - is it just me or is this gif kinda creepy?

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