Healthy Dinner Recipes: Cajun Chicken Quinoa

If you’re looking for hot and healthy dinner recipes to spice up your diet, look no further. This quick and easy dish is high in protein, low in fat, and full of nutrients. The cajun element also gives it a bit of kick and studies show that people who eat spicy food tend to enjoy their food more, but eat less. Meaning? They weigh less. Cultures who eat spicier food also tend to have lower rates of cardiovascular disease. Studies indicate it may be because chili peppers minimize the damaging effects of LDL (i.e. bad cholesterol) and capsaicin in chilis may fight inflammation, which has been flagged as a risk factor for heart issue. It takes a bit of work to get these healthy dinner recipes together, but it’s well worth the effort. Set your timers! Prep time is 25 minutes. This recipe yields a hearty 5 servings.

You’ll need:

4 chicken breasts 2 tbsp Cajun seasoning 100g quinoa 600ml hot chicken stock 100g dried apricots , sliced 1 250g pouch ready-to-use Puy lentils 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 red onions , cut into thin wedges 1 bunch spring onions , chopped

Preparation directions:

1. Chop the chicken, coat in the Cajun seasoning and oven bake at 200 degrees c for 20 minutes 2. Simmer the quinoa (covered) in the chicken stock for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, add the lentils and apricots and simmer for 5 minutes more until the stock has been absorbed. 3. Gently fry the onions until cooked. 4. Mix the quinoa/apricots/lentils with the onions and chicken and serve Nutrition information per serving: kcal: 404 protein: 42g carbs: 44g fat: 7g It’s tough to find healthy recipes, so that’s why we’re here, keep following us for more of the best!

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