Healthy Food vs "Healthy" Food

Body Rockers!! There are so many foods that we eat that we “think” are healthy, but my friends we are being lied to BIG TIME. Marketing claims like “Fat Free” or “All Natural” “Organic” or even “Low Carb” make you believe the food is automatically good for you when in actuality it may not be. It’s important to weed past all the marketing claims and advertising and really learn which foods are really healthy and which ones are a bunch of junk, covered in health claims. Here are a few examples: Restaurant or Fast Food Salads – Salad has to be healthy, right?  Not quite. A typical restaurant salad can have more than 800 calories and 50 grams of fat.  Once you add in the cheese, bacon bits, croutons and definitely the dressing, that measly salad can really rack up the fat and calories.  One easy method is to make sure you order your salad with “dressing on the side” and “little or no cheese.”   Also make sure if there is chicken on it, it’s grilled chicken, not fried.
Protein Bars – Some protein bars can be very high in fat, sugar and calories. Actually, some are worse than most chocolate candy bars.  You need to read the label carefully and choose protein bars that are low in saturated fat and added sugars. Also, make sure that you actually need a protein bar.
Sushi – All sushi is healthy right? Wrong! Many rolls contained fried ingredients, called “tempura”—then add additional things like mayo and cream cheese which really rack up the fat and calories.  Plus, they are made with white rice.  Steer clear of any roll that has “tempura” in its name.  Order rolls with raw fish and vegetables and ask if the restaurant can make it with brown rice.  You can also order sashimi which is just raw fish. Muffins – Even bran and corn muffins which sound healthy have a ton of saturated fat and calories.  The average muffin can contain over 500 calories and 20 grams of fat.  This one is a waste of calories since muffins don’t fill you up either!  If you’re looking for a quick breakfast idea on the run, choose a whole wheat bagel or toast with low-fat spread. Pretzels – they are low in fat, yes, but also low in nutrition.  Pretzels are basically calories and salt.  They are not unhealthy, but they give you no nutritional value and the calories can rack up fast when you are eating these.  Instead choose low fat popcorn (a whole grain) or a whole grain granola bar instead. So basically don’t believe the “Hype!” Nowadays companies label anything they can and wish to take your money. Protect yourself and your loved ones and READ the label. Smile & Breathe BodyRockers! Follow me on IG or FB for more motivation and health tips!! :D 251344_10150195771865474_94456770473_7478767_547924_n

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