Healthy High Fat Foods To Eat More Of #6: Eggs

Eggs--the food that pretty much EVERYONE loves in some form or another. From scrambled and fried eggs to merengue to Hollandaise sauce to quiche, eggs are just darn delicious. Of course, we can't forget just how nutritious they are at the same time. Those chickens certainly got something right with eggs, each one of which packs:
  • 78 calories
  • 2.7 grams of unsaturated fat
  • 1.6 grams of saturated fat
Eggs are loaded with protein--6 grams per egg--and best of all, they're cheap! They're one of the most available sources of protein, and they have even been converted into protein powders.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="608"] Source:[/caption] Most people see egg yolks as being a food from hell, as it contains most of the saturated fat. However, while the egg white is the healthier half of the egg, the yolk contains lots of important nutrients as well. Eggs contain choline, a form of Vitamin B that is needed for cardiovascular, nervous system, and brain health. Consuming eggs in moderation can even help to boost your heart health, and it's a high-fat food you NEED to eat on a regular basis.
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