Healthy Holiday Gift Guide Don'ts

With the holidays fast approaching, there are countless gift guides popping up everywhere on the internet. And while we like to try and help our friends and family be healthier, some healthy items are probably not the best to be given as gifts to others unless they were specifically asked for. You're friends and family get it, you're healthy... and you'd like for them to be healthy too. But please, PLEASE, whatever you do, avoid giving the following gifts so you;re not a bad Santa.

5 Gift Don'ts

1. Portion control plates You may think you're helping your loved one when you give them handy plate that instructs them on proper portion sizes for their meals. But what you're really saying is "you eat too much food fatty." 2. Body fat scale If you're giving one of these to anyone who didn't ask for it, let's face it... you're saying they need to monitor their body fat... i.e. they're too fat. Don't be a jerk. 3. Diet books Diet books are meant to be bought by the person that will be using it. If you're giving a diet book as a gift and the person didn't ask for one, you've just told your friend they need to go on a diet, and that's just plain rude. Feel free to give a cookbook with delicious recipes, but it shouldn't have the word "diet" in the title. 4. Portion control ice cream scoop  This one is a lot like the portion control plates above, but even worse. Even though my husband lovingly calls me an ice cream assassin (and truly I am!), he would never dream of giving me one of these. No one wants to be told they can't have more ice cream, even if they ARE on a diet. So don't spoil the fun by giving this to anyone. 5. HAPIfork Smart Fork This fork tells you when you're eating too fast. So really, what you're telling your loved one is that they guzzle their food like a pig at a trough. Not nice at all, and also, it's just plain weird. No one likes to get a gift that makes them feel bad about themselves. So, when you're searching around for that perfect holiday gift for that special someone, take a step back and think about what you're really saying with your gift of choice.

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