Healthy Homemade Apple Cider

The leaves are red. The cottages deserted. The patios are locked up. Fall is suddenly upon us. There's really not much to do in the fall. It's too cold for beaches or barbecues. It's too warm for skiing and skating. Fall is all about curling up in a big sweater with hot beverage and doing a whole lot of nothing. I think that's what I love about it. Fall is about mittens, hugs, and appreciating nature. We see fall in the leaves, hear it in the crunch under our feet. We smell it in the dewy mornings, and feel it in the brisk winds. But to truly experience fall, we need to taste it, too. What better way to experience autumn than a hot cup of homemade apple cider made from apples you picked yourself? image   Most orchards have a pick-your-own option which can make for a great Saturday with your partner (or the whole fam if you've got one). Picking apples from a local orchard makes it much easier to reduce or eliminate pesticides from your diet. Making your own cider from scratch also means that you won't be drinking unhealthy preservatives or added flavouring either. Here is a great apple cider recipe from that combines fresh apples, vanilla, anise, cinnamon and orange peel for a spicy, flavourful fall cider. This weekend, plan on not having plans. Scarf + thermos + nature walk = one awesome afternoon of doing absolutely nothing.     Featured image from Flickr: tom_lin Bodytext image from Flickr: tabithablue

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