How to Get Up & Have Healthy Morning

There are days when you just don't want to get out of bed. All you can think about is rolling back over and sleeping but unfortunately, you have a full day ahead. The day doesn't have to be all bad. There are lots of smart little choices you can make in the morning that will set your day on a healthier path. Check out this list of 25 tips and consider waking up to one of them tomorrow.
  1. Hydrate: It is a familiar refrain: starting your day with water wakes you up, kick starts your metabolism and hydrates your body. To go the extra step, add lemon.
  2. Do Yoga: Doing a fast morning yoga sequence will make your body feel limber and ready to face the day.
  3. Pack your gym bag: No need to make excuses. Pack your gym bag in the morning so it is all set to go for the afternoon.
  4. Lather up: Make it a habit to put on sunscreen every morning. It will prevent sun damage and decrease your risk of skin cancer.
  5. Pack healthy snacks: Healthy snacks will help you stave off your hunger and it will prevent you from looking for that 3pm sugar fix.
  6. Stretch: Don't hit the snooze button, take 10 minutes to stretch. It is a great way to energize and it will help you ease and stress, aches and pains.
  7. Eat breakfast: It really is the most important meal of the day. It will help you concentrate, focus and be productive.
  8. Ditch the alarm clock: If you are able, try to stick to a regular sleeping pattern so your wake ups happens naturally.
  9. Listen to music: Listening to your favourite song is one of the best ways to get you pumped in the morning.
  10. Foam roll: Like a massage, foam roll exercises will help you relax and stay flexible.
  11. Take a multivitamin: Remembering your multivitamin is about routine. Get in the habit of taking it first thing.
  12. Add spice to your coffee: Adding spice to your coffee instead of artificial flavour can control blood sugar and regulate your digestive tract. Cinnamon is a great place to start.
  13. Moisturize: Moisturizing after your morning shower will help lock in moisture, preventing dry, itchy skin.
  14. Take a cold shower: Cold showers are really good for you (read more here). They can "shock" your body awake, relieving fatigue and creating mental awareness.
  15. Make your bed: Clear space means a clear mind and it creates a much more peaceful environment to return home to after a long day at work.
  16. Avoid the computer: In all likelihood you spend your entire day in front of a computer screen. Make your morning tech free.
  17. Say a positive affirmation: Starting your day with a positive affirmation can open your mind and help you to make healthy choices throughout the day.
  18. Go for a jog: Running in the morning not only saves you time at the end of the day, it can clear your mind and get your metabolism pumping.
  19. Take a few deep breaths: If you are anxious about facing your day, take a few deep breaths. Breathing from your diaphragm will relax you in no time.
  20. Don't drink your calories: That vanilla latte is delicious but it is also loaded with calories. Try to start your day with some tea or black coffee.
  21. Take the stairs: Instead of taking the elevator at work, get your heart pumping by taking the stairs.
  22. Fill up with protein: That cake like muffin is not going to cut it. Fill up on foods that are loaded in protein and fiber and they will keep you feeling full until lunch.
  23. Get up right away: The snooze button doesn't actually extend your sleep in any real way. Your sleep quality has already been disrupted so you might as well get up.
  24. Meditate: Meditating is a great way to greet the day. It is also a great way to strengthen and deepen the relationship between mind and body.
  25. Smile: Before you walk out the door, smile. It can't hurt and that positive attitude will brighten everything that comes your way.
  What a great list. I do a few of these already but I'm thinking of adding #6 and #15 to my routines. What can it hurt? What is your morning routine? Anything here you might add?

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