Healthy Recipes: The Greek Yogurt Swap

You may already know that you can swap applesauce for oil in your favorite baking recipes, but did you know you can also use Greek Yogurt?

Like applesauce, Greek Yogurt will cut the calories and fat usually added by butter and oil, but unlike applesauce, you won’t have to adjust the amount of your sweetener (i.e. stevia, agave nectar, honey, etc..).

Did we mention Greek Yogurt also packs more protein?

The swap is easy to make - just use exactly the amount of Greek Yogurt as you would oil. A word to the wise: Stir your yogurt well before using to mix in the water that can sit on the top.

There are hundreds of tasty and creative applications for Greek Yogurt. Share yours with us! We’re always on the hunt for new healthy recipes.

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