Healthy Treats: Broiled Banana

Everyone loves dessert, but not when you are trying to lose weight its best to avoid the table of cake, pies and doughnuts. But when you are craving something sweet and you just need your fix, I've got just the thing for you.... This has got to be the most delicious dessert that is both super healthy, quick AND easy!! I’ve been making these for a while now, but recently I was asked to bring some dessert to a healthy dinner party at a girlfriends place and this little banana won everyone over! I promise that you will LOVE it!! Mmmm… Broiled-Banana-Recipe How to make this tasty treat: Buy organic bananas (as a rule). Cut the banana down the middle, lengthwise. Turn the oven on broil on high. Place on a baking sheet, and drizzle with a little agave or coconut nectar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Place in the oven face up and watch for them to start bubbling up (only takes a few minutes) Serve in the peel with whatever frozen dessert you would like. I use a Coconut Ice Cream (dairy-free, vegan, organic) found at Whole Foods. Enjoy this healthy dessert right out of the peel! Recipe and picture from:

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