Heckler calls Britney Spears a Fat B*tch from the crowd during live Vegas show

If you call Britney Spears a 'fat b****' while she's live on stage, it's her prerogative to respond in kind.

The 33-year-old dropped an F-bomb - and an A-bomb - at a man after he heckled her during her Piece Of Me show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

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An Instagram clip uploaded by an audience member shows the moment the singer responded to the barb.

Spears can be seen talking the crowd, who cheer just as the music for Till The World Ends starts up.

She turns to walk away to begin the routine, when someone beside the stage reportedly shouts 'Fat B****!', although this can't be heard on the clip.

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Britney certainly hears it though - and the entire auditorium hears her response: 'F**king a**hole' she replies without breaking her stride, and then launches into the song as if nothing had happened.

These body-shaming assh*les need to be shut down the minute they even try to make women (or anyone) feel less about themselves. We say good for you Brit!

H/T: dailymail

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