Heidi Klum Looks INCREDIBLE In Ads For Her Lingerie Line (Pictures)

She's been in the modeling industry for close to three decades and shows she still has what it takes. The 42 year old mother of 4 showed her physique in her new lingerie collection Heidi Klum Intimates. Klum says she doesn't diet on photo shoot days and prefers to stay looking her best all the time because you never know when your clothes might come off. How does she do it? She drinks 'copious' amounts of water, eats healthy and sleeps 8 hours a day. She said it doesn't always work with her schedule but she tries. On top of that, she gets on the treadmill 2 to 3 times a week. The photos look great. The lingerie is beautiful. But I have more than a sneaking suspicion that these pics have been touched up a little. Have a gander at this one: What do you guys think? Still rocking it at 42 or photoshopped to the hilt? h/t: Daily Mail

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