Heidi Klum Takes it Off to Reveal New Lingerie Collection

She might have four kids at home and an Emmy nomination, but when Heidi Klum recently stripped down to do a sexy photo shoot for her new lingerie line, it was her three decades of modelling experience that was in the spotlight. heidi klum From a black and grey matched bra and panty to a scarlet red set, she pouted and purred through the collection in front of the camera, thinking, she says, of her 28-year-old boyfriend, art dealer Vito Schnabel. heidi klum Even if the photographer is handsome? "Even though photographer Francesco Carrozzini is behind the camera, I think of him [her boyfriend]," she said. No crash dieting or starving before shoots for Klum either, though she looks a decade or more younger than her 42 years.

"I like looking fit all the time - not just for a shoot - as you never know when your clothes come off!... I don’t really have a ritual before I shoot."

How does she stay so toned and camera-ready? Water, good food, and 8 hours a day of sleep, according to the supermodel. "That doesn’t always work with my schedule, but I try! I also try to hit the treadmill two to three times a week."

She makes it sound so simple!

What do you think of Heidi's new line?

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