Heist Movie Workout

I went on an Ocean’s Eleven through Thirteen binge watch, and realized that A) I have too much time on my hands B) I love heist movies, and C) all heist movies seem to share a lot of similar tropes which would make it good for a workout challenge. So, pop in Tower Heist, Italian Job, or classic Ocean’s 11, and get ready to sweat. Any con artist lingo = 10 squats When anyone pickpockets anyone = 10 diamond push-ups When there’s a twist you didn’t see coming = 10 Russian twists When anyone wears a disguise = 10 Supermans oceans11disguise Any montage explaining how they did it, or what REALLY happened = 10 reverse crunches Whenever a slide wipe is used = 20 second side plank, each side Car chase = 30 second bridge Oitalianjobcarchase Whenever snazzy upbeat heist music plays = 30 seconds high knees Anytime people argue, talking over each other = 30 second arm circles When the plan goes awry, or a complication arises = 10 spiderman climbers Any explosive devise is used = 10 jumping jacks OTakers-explosion-big-588x392   Bonus workout moves specifically for Ocean’s Eleven through Thirteen: Whenever Rusty and Danny are total bros = 10 butt kickers Anytime Rusty eats = 5 burpees oceanselevenbradpitteating Whenever Linus stutters = 10 bicycles Whenever the Malloy brothers bicker = 10 jack-knife sit ups Ocean's Eleven 3 Whenever Tess looks disapproving = 10 step-ups Now there's more than just the suspense to get you sweating - have fun!

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