Helen Hunt's Rockin Bod at 50! (PICTURES)

Helen Hunt apparently likes to keep fit with a steady regimen of surfing. If this is what she looks like at 50, maybe we should all start surfing more...  
The pour over: The 50-year-old made quite a splash as she doused herself with a jug of waterThe pour over: The 50-year-old made quite a splash as she doused herself with a jug of water post-ocean
That's brisk: Helen made sure to wash every crook and cranny
But the ocean antics may have something to do with her latest film project. This summer, Helen Hunt directed and starred in Ride, about a single mother who quits her job on the East Coast to follow her son to California. Once there, she starts surfing and becomes enlightened by her new, more relaxed lifestyle.
On the move: The Mad About You alum got dressed outside of her carHelen shot the film in Malibu and Venice & performed her own surfing stunts. Helen stays very active with her film career - she's scheduled to do two more films soon (one is Relative Insanity with David Duchovny) - but plays it under the radar with her private life.
'I live a boring life by the standards of any of those magazines for sure,' 'I see my friends, I meditate, I spend time with my daughter. I get happy, I get sad. But I do all of that in a warm, quiet cocoon I guess.'

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