Her Body Transformation: Before and After Pictures

This just came into our inbox and I wanted to share it with the community ASAP so you can see what is possible to achieve starting at any fitness level. Congratulations on your success - keeping Hiiting it with us! Not done yet but pretty amazed at what 8 months of working worth u guys and eating clean will get me....I appreciate every thing u guys do and can't wait to see what the next 8 months brings.....ciao and thanx so much Luv from oregon MoG P.S. You can't see my ass in the bottom picture but it is now my favorite body part and I love it thanks to you guys...hopin for a 6 pack by Xmas If you have some before and after pictures showing your progress that you think would inspire our community you can email them along with your story to us at: frederick@bodyrock.tv If you are looking for a place to start why not begin your fitness journey with our 5 day beginners challenge? It's perfect for slowly getting moving again. You can find this free program here: http://www.dailyhiit.com/content/beginner-challenge

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