Here's how long it takes to Photoshop a model's face

A new video has emerged from Rare Digital Art showing just how complicated the photoshop process behind the pages of your favourite fashion magazine is. What's new about this video, is that it is extremely rare to see a video that lifts the curtain on the extensive retouching processes that are done on high fashion editorials and advertising campaigns. It typically takes a digital artist 6 hours (wow thats insane) to complete a single image. This video shows the whole 6 hour process time lapsed into 60 seconds.   Can we please all just make a pact to stop comparing ourselves to these "models"? These representations are not human - they are essentially cartoons - digital contructs that in no way represent what it means to be human. And thats ok. We can appreciate the artistry, the fantasy, even the alien beauty of it all. Where we have to draw the line is when we choose to compare ourselves to these pixelated creatures and feel inadequate. That shit has to stop - because that shit is not real. Can I get an AMEN?

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