Here's How To Drink On The Weekend Without Screwing Up Your Diet

For most of us, the weekend cannot come soon enough. After being cooped up at work all week, a few days of good ol' fashioned fun is often just the thing to revive the spirit. Perhaps you are planning a crazy, wild, boozy Saturday night dance party or maybe meeting friends for cocktails Friday night is more your speed. No matter which way you choose to let your hair down, the calories can add up in a hurry. Between carb-heavy drinks and sugary mixes (to say nothing of the fast food you grab on the way home), it can be a hard terrain to navigate. But if you are hitting the town this weekend and don't want to completely ruin your clean eating habits, these tips can help!

1. Eat BEFORE you drink.

You may think you are saving calories but drinking on an empty stomach is not a good way to lose weight. Drinking without eating will lead to massive blood sugar spikes and cause you to get drunk faster. And getting drunk that fast pretty much guarantees that you will make poor food and beverage choices as the night wears on. Eat a light meal or a filling snack before you go out. For some tasty and creative pre-drink food ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan!

2. Know your drinks.

Cocktails are a mess of sugar syrups and high calories alcohols. If you want a mixed drink, use tonic or soda water as your base. If beer is your pick, go for low-carb or light beer options. A glass of white wine or prosecco is also a wise choice.

3. Water, water, water.

Space out your drinks by having a glass of water with each drink. Do not order your next drink until the water is gone. Not only are you likely to drink less this way, the water will help to avoid dehydration and ease your morning hangover.

4. Avoid mindless nibbling.

Peanuts, finger foods, pretzels, chips, you name it, will be offered to you on a night out. Time to focus. If these foods do show up at your table, say a firm 'no' or move and sit somewhere else so that the food is out of arm's reach. If you have to climb over people to get to it, you'll be less likely to eat it.

5. Plan what you'll eat afterward.

If you get the munchies after a night on the town, be a step ahead! Either find a late night place nearby that has healthy options or make yourself some guilt-free snacks in advance that will be waiting for you when you return home. Think carrot sticks and hummus. Something easy and convenient is key. How do you keep your diet on track while having fun on the weekend? Source: Shemazing!  

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